Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mystery of an egg

Is so simple and so mysteriously full of symbolic meanings... Just a few:

Eggs were considered the perfect sign of spring and rebirth by pagans.
Eggs were buried under ancient foundations to ward off evil.
Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Persians all thought of the oval egg as the symbol of the universe.Boston Globe
The egg is seen as symbolic of the grave and life renewed or resurrected by breaking out of it.Wikipedia

Well, there is a lot to read and learn about meanings of an egg in different cultures at different times. Here is my modest contribution to the abundance of these whimsical and colorful little symbols.
I put a lot of work into this painted eggs. They are made of wood and I first thoroughly sand them, to make the surface smooth. Then I put in an eye screw, so the egg could be hang on the Easter tree.. or Christmas tree, or just anywhere. Then I coat it with a primer, sand again, and paint my background. When the background paint is dry, I start my design. The painting style is derived from Ukrainian folk "Petrikivka" painting, which I really adore. I am planning to tell more about this wonderful stile sometimes later. So I paint flowers and leaves, then add some flourishes with a tiny brush and finish with golden or silver highlights. After that I put on several coats of varnish, to make the egg shine. Varnish also protect painting from the damage and make the handling of the egg care free. Also I sign and date every egg. Because I paint each egg separately by hand, and never use any reference, all of them turn out different and there cannot be any identical design, so each egg is truly one of a kind. They are great gift for any occasion. They can be given for Easter and Christmas, for Birthday and Valentine day, or for any day you want to celebrate life, spring, universe or ward off evil from your loved ones! The eggs are available for sale and can be found in my Etsy chop!(Click here)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I miss drawing for Illustration Friday web site. It is a good gymnastic for the hand, and brain, and it structures time, and just is a good activity. I have problem finishing in time though. Here is my unfinished picture, I think this girl looks pretty contained.

Friday, January 09, 2009

My Etsy

I listed some of my knitted goods on Etsy. What a fun place! So many things to see, to explore, to learn... And I want to buy almost everything!!! Well, it is not the time to splurge, I have to contain myself... (Which reminds me of my next post's theme...:) But I've already made a loong list of favorites.

I hope you like my socks! You can buy them here: My Etsy

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Day

I just found out that my cousin's husband has passed away... It seems like yesterday we were sitting in that little cafe, talking.. laughing ..Well... Another reminder of how life is short and how we should cherish every day ...


I am still working on my blog. It is getting boooring. All the templates are boooring, and I realize that I have to make one myself. Right, sometimes, later.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New year, new life

Happy Hew Year! Great opportunity to start a new life again! Yes, it makes sense. It is even better then to start a new life on Monday.
Today I am celebrating my new life by updating my old blog. Now it is almost a brand new blog. Although I am going to add more changes soon ... Change! We need change! LOL