Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday again

So i started a new life yesterday, again, by getting a domain name finally. So it looks like there is no way to avoid creating my web site any more. (Well, there is, but we are not going there. At least not today)
So far everything is going well, i had my morning walk, made important calls, almost finished dishes (wich I hate doing so much) and, well, spent too much time reading about someone else's works... But it was supposed to give me an inspiration. Anyway I am ready to fight evil doctors, who push on me their evil medication. Because everyone knows, that the best way to treat depression ( I don't believe I have any depression!) is to work hard, so that is what I am giong to do. Я буду работать! Моя жизнь будет труд! Yea, right...

Sunday, January 30, 2005


My first submission to Illustration Friday - Gluttony

New beginnings

Here is my first blog... I am more a reader then a writer, so will see how far it will go... how long it will take and how soon I abandon it.:)